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Criminal Defense

Our clients are subject to Federal and State criminal law just like anyone else. If you are subject to U.S. immigration law, criminal proceedings will have direct and lasting consequences on your rights. Criminal charges can render you inadmissible or deportable even if the charges are ultimately dropped. The Bogdany Law Firm defends foreign nationals in both Federal and State criminal courts. Our immigration attorneys also work alongside other criminal defense lawyers in an advisory capacity to protect client rights under U.S. immigration law .


When charged with a crime, you have the right to be represented by an attorney in those criminal proceedings even if you are a foreign national. Thus, you are entitled to make use of a public defender, provided that you meet the financial requirements.

Our public defenders are an important part of our justice system and our society is made better by the work they do. However, a public defender cannot represent you before the Immigration Courts, ICE or USCIS. If you are a foreign national and have been arrested, charged, or indicted, you will almost certainly need a private immigration lawyer to represent you.

Oftentimes, our clients will have several cases pending with multiple courts and federal agencies at the same time. It is rare that criminal charges do not ultimately require such a multi-pronged approach, and you will need a competent immigration lawyer to navigate that process effectively. The Bogdany Law Firm is fully equipped to represent you on all fronts.

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