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Immigrants, visa holders and the undocumented face problems that are unique, complex, and at times overwhelming. The Bogdany Law Firm is positioned near some of the busiest immigration courts and field offices in the country. We consider the practice of immigration law a calling and the ability to serve others in that capacity a blessing.

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U.S. Immigration Law

Immigration law is broad and very complex. For example, an immigration lawyer can help foreign nationals immigrate to the United States in various ways, including through business immigration, family immigration or asylum. An immigration lawyer can also help international students, researchers and skilled workers change their VISA or transition to a VISA with a pathway to citizenship.

Hiring an immigration lawyer is also critical when your legal status is at risk or if you are placed in deportation or removal proceedings.  If your application is denied by USCIS, or worse, if you are detained by ICE, an immigration lawyer should be consulted immediately. If your application was denied by USCIS, an immigration lawyer may be able to appeal the decision or re-submit the application. If you are detained by ICE, an immigration lawyer can help get you released from immigration detention on an immigration bond

These are just a few examples, among many, of why having an experienced immigration lawyer to represent you is important. Regardless of your specific needs, we at The Bogdany Law Firm can put together a plan of action. If you need an experienced immigration lawyer, we are ready to help.


A 2017 study by the American Immigration Council found that Alabama's immigrant population is growing. If yours is one of the many thousands of immigrant families that call Alabama home, please contact us to speak with an Alabama immigration lawyer today.


Native Born Residents in Alabama with at least one immigrant parent in 2016


Of Adult Immigrants in Alabama had or were pursuing a college degree in 2015


Foreign Born Residents in Alabama in 2015